Latest on Savana’s Transplant Journey

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Savana Liver

I wish I could share the video, of Savana, that accompanied  the following post! It was so precious!

From Alyssa:¬† Clinic went great yesterday! Labs were good- no changes to any meds. Savana weighed 28 lbs 14 oz, which is her biggest weight ever! Because of her weight gain and how she’s been eating we are now going to give her 4 NG tube feeds instead of 5 (this is the start of getting rid of her NG tube)!
She had an x-ray done on her knees because of her leg pain, but there were no fractures so we’re leaning towards it just being a side effect that she’s experiencing from the steroids. They did go ahead and give her a referral to an orthopedic doctor for her leg pain and a dermatologist because she’s been having a weird, random rash occasionally. With all the good news from today we get to wait 2 weeks until her next set of labs and check-up!! Yay!

With all of those positives Savana decided she didn’t want to eat or drink yesterday, which has not been her new normal. I’d say she ate less and for sure drank less than she did pre-transplant. I just hope its not a sign of something that’s coming.¬†1f91e🤞

*In the video she is saying she prayed and thanked God for her Bubby (brother), her liver, chicken nuggets, and McDonalds. Lol!*

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