I pray that this report and update finds each of you doing well and blessed in the Lord.

I would like for you to meet a couple of people that we have recently started working with. They are Erin Henry and her daughter, Ettleighann Aurora Henry.




On December 11, 2013 Ettleighann experienced a coarctation of the aorta. The left side was too small and the right side had holes in it. Her bicuspid and tricuspid valves were reversed and there was concern that they would have to make her a “one-chambered heart” baby. There was little hope that the left side would hold up under the pressure and major surgery would need to follow.


 After the first surgery the doctors couldn’t believe that her heart held up so well. She was supposed to be in the hospital for 3 months but was released after one month! She is doing well and except for a feeding tube you wouldn’t know she has any health challenges.  Ettleighann may have to have procedure done for the faulty valves but we won’t know until she has her checkup in Dallas on May 13th.  She has weekly appointments in Odessa and those have been going well.


Erin shared with me that seeing God heal her baby has been an eye opening experience for her. She shares her story every time she gets a chance and gives God all the glory for Ettleighann’s life and how well she has done.


There are ongoing challenges with medical insurance and financial difficulties. Erin will also start teaching soon and this will also be a time for adjustments.   Please remember them in your prayers.

As I have told some of you, working with children never entered my mind when we started Spring Creek Ministries. But, God has opened doors and sent folks our way and we have tried to follow His will. I want to personally ask that you pray for Donna and I as we reach out to these children and their parents. Please pray for wisdom and strength as we navigate “uncharted waters”. 

We also started out working with many people with long term illnesses. Over the course of the last two years it seems that we are getting more and more terminally ill folks. We try to help based on urgency and sometimes we have to make difficult decisions as to which direction to go. We, again, solicit your prayers. 

As the ministry grows so do our needs. There is no shortage of people who need our help, but our growing reach also calls for more financial support. Please let us know if you can think of anyone who might be interested in supporting our ministry or have them contact us. We would greatly appreciate any referrals you might send our way.

Blessings & Grace,

Lonnie Hamil

Those to remember in prayer:

Lilah Marie Fowler passed away at the Hospice House on Thursday, March 20th. She had come to 6th & Jackson Church of Christ after Washington Street Church of Christ closed their doors at the first of the year. She was a very sweet lady.

Don Bowen was able to go home from Madison Medical Resort and is doing well.

Lynn Payne continues to improve slowly at Midland Memorial West. 

Billie June Webb – ongoing difficulties

Leonard Ruebush – breathing difficulties

Greg Wright – recovering from Spinal Meningitis

R.B. Hunnicutt – recovering from a stroke

Richard Tomlin – ongoing health concerns

Bonnie Benton – ongoing health concerns

Ava Skiles – ongoing health concerns

Dot Wolfe (Momma Dot) – cancer is back and they are treating it aggressively

Ed Foster – ongoing health concerns

Dena Baggett – Pancreatic Cancer

Gloria Pittman – ORMC Wound Care

Roy and Merita Hart – Roy has Alzheimer’s

Kaitlyn & Kynadi Lee – ongoing health concerns

Jack and Carolyn Stockton – Carolyn has Alzheimer’s

Doris Whitley – ongoing cancer treatments

Rosalie Burnett – ongoing health concerns

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