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Since the last post we have been on a roller coaster! Mom’s caregivers continue to shine like stars! Mom has been found in the floor of her room twice. Both times it appears that she just slid down. No scrapes or bruises but also no recollection of what happened. We have increase her care to the maximum they can do in assisted living. We’ve also brought in Interim health care to assist. Her pain is being managed much better but we feel it has negatively affected her memory. One day she couldn’t remember how to order her food, another day she had to be fed by an attendant. She doesn’t know where she is some days or who her friends are. 😔
The Care Coordinator at Raider Ranch has asked for a bit more time to see if she improves. If she doesn’t we will be moving into memory care where she can be watched more closely.
Please pray for mom’s safety and our decision making process!

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