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It is with a broken heart that I share this post for prayers! TJ & Sarah Worley both served on the board at Spring Creek Ministries up until the end of last year. They are wonderful people and cherished friends!
Sarah wrote this post on Facebook several hours ago:
“I’m not even sure if I have the words right now. This just feels like a nightmare I want to wake up from.
For those that have not heard, my mom and dad were in a motorcycle accident yesterday. My dad is now with Jesus.. My mom is at Northwest Hospital. Her leg injury was so severe they amputated her right leg to save her life.
Friends, please bombard heaven with prayers for my mom. She is in immense emotional and physical pain.
We are so grateful for all of the text and calls and family that have been by our side since our world stopped. Please forgive me for not yet responding to everyone.
Please join me in praying for Sarah, and all of the family, as they sort through the broken pieces of this tragedy!

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