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Update on Kylie:
It has been an emotional 48 hours. 💔
The most concerning discovery is that Kylie’s sodium chloride is dangerously high.
We are desperately trying to get it back within normal range. The tricky part about doing that is if your sodium chloride increases or decreases too quickly then it can cause your brain to swell.
We do not know what caused this to happen and that is another mystery we are trying to solve so it doesn’t happen again.
The staph infection and sepsis are under control and being treated.
It looks like the staph is colonized to her trach and is not caused by something we did. This brings me some comfort because I have been beating myself up over her having to be admitted again. It hurts my heart that she was only out of the hospital for less than two weeks and had to come back. 💔
Kylie is in the PICU and in her old room. (The room her dad and I were married in)
As much as we love everyone here, I was really hoping this week would be Kylie’s first holiday outside the hospital, but I know this is the best place for her right now. 🩷
Thank you all so much for the kind words and the prayers.🩷
Please pray that we can get some answers on the sodium chloride levels and that Kylie starts to feel better. 🙏🏼

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