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Update on Kylie:
We received all of Kylie’s equipment from the insurance company!! 🩷
Her dad and I are rooming in this weekend and we will be tested on all her care.
Please pray we do well 🙏🏼
Our simulation test is Monday afternoon and discharge is still set for Tuesday!!!! 🩷
PLEASE pray everything goes well and we pass our tests. We are SO close to taking Kylie outside hospital walls for the first time in her life!
I am so anxious and excited! I have dreamed of this for so long! 🩷🙏🏼
Kylie was cleared to wear her passy Muir valve (purple thing under her chin) outside of therapy! This means she is finally getting the hang of breathing out of her nose and mouth! 🩷
If she continues to do well then the next step is capping trials! She will have to be readmitted for that. 🩷
I am going by the mailbox today to get all the gifts y’all so generously sent to Kylie’s neighbor and will be bringing those to her this weekend. (I will post a picture)
Thank you so much for your kindness and helping me bring some happiness to this sweet girl.
God bless you all 🩷
Also, a huge shout out to Once Upon A Heartbeat for this special gift she hand painted of Kylie’s heart beat post transplant. I am very sentimental and this means so much. She is so talented!🩷
Any mail for Kylie can be sent to:
Ashley Overfield
2429 Bissonnet ST
Box 117
Houston, TX 77005
Venmo: @Ashley-HaasOverfield

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