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We have the results back from the biopsy!

🥁 Drum roll 🥁


God is SO GOOD! 🩷🙌🏼

They did find a bacterial infection in the lungs but they are treating it with breathing treatments.

Kylie has officially been moved to TICU!
(picture below of my helper)🩷

Kylie did amazing on her first day of passy muir valve trials!
If she does well today then she will wear it all day! 🩷

Kylie has received some AMAZING gifts lately!🩷
I always send thank you emails and messages for the gifts because we are so grateful.
Unfortunately, Amazon doesn’t always put the slip in the box to know who sent it and give me the option of sending an email.
So, I would go to Facebook and type the name in search in Kylie’s group and send a message that way( for Amazon gifts and non-Amazon gifts) For the past couple months that feature has been broken. I have reported it multiple times and it still has not been fixed.
(Picture below)

PLEASE know how very grateful we are. They mean so much to us. I literally cry (happy tears) over a dozen times a week because I am so appreciative of each of y’all. I feel so bad that I can’t reach out and thank you all personally. I will keep reporting it and hopefully they fix it soon but until then THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for all the love and support. I would not have been able to survive this season of life without each of you. God bless you all 🩷

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