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Unfortunately, Kylie’s white blood cell count is high. 💔

Poor baby is not feeling well today 💔

It seems to be bacterial because her cultures are starting to grow something. At least it’s not viral. I refuse to let the devil get me down after an amazing week last week.

Her heart rate and blood pressure are also high. Her secretions (junk in our lungs we cough up) are a yellow color which points to infection. 💔

The infectious disease team will be coming by to run some more tests. 💔

Kylie is scheduled to have a procedure done tomorrow. She will be having a Direct (Operative) Laryngoscopy and Bronchoscopy. This will help us see if her lungs are looking okay and if she is starting to show any sign of rejection.
The first year after transplant is the most critical for infection and rejection.
This procedure will also tell us if she is ready for us to remove the trach. 🤞🏼

She is having labs drawn today to see if her body has started to build up any antibodies to the new lungs.🫁

Aside from this new infection, Kylie’s new lungs are doing great. She is still breathing on her own and I will never not rejoice about that! 🩷🫁

I am very nervous about the rejection part of transplant. Rejection and infection can be fatal to transplant patients.

Please pray that there is ZERO sign of rejection and that this infection goes away. 🙏🏼

And as always please pray for the donor family. I still cry for that momma (and family) everyday. 🙏🏼

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