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Kylie is officially off the ventilator! 🩷
She now has a trach collar which is just a humidifier for her airways. 🩷
She does not require any extra help from the ventilator! 🩷
She will probably have the trach collar through the weekend and next week we will work on putting a cap on the trach and then eventually letting the hole close up! 🩷
Miss Kylie is teething and loving her teething toys 🩷
Teething pictures were taken right before the vent was removed. She was so sleepy from playing that she fell right to sleep after they removed the vent. 🩷
Her kidneys are a little stressed from all the medication and we are doing some extra labs and taking steps to help her kidneys recover. 💔
Please pray that Kylie’s kidneys become less stressed 🙏🏼
Also, the bump on her head has shrunk and is going away. Her neuro exams are perfect 🩷
Kylie’s old lungs were taken to do studies on and tests. Please pray that something good comes from that, maybe some treatments or even a cure. I don’t want any other family to go through this. 🙏🏼
We are so proud of Kylie. This past week is one of the best weeks of my life. I am in awe of what God is doing in Kylie🩷
I will never be able to thank y’all enough for your love, support, comments, messages, prayers and sharing Kylie’s story.
We are so blessed to have y’all 🩷
I didn’t think it would be possible to love people you have never met but we truly love each of you 🩷
Any mail for Kylie can be sent to:
Ashley Overfield
2429 Bissonnet ST
Box 117
Houston, TX 77005
PRAYER WARRIORS, you’re the best! Please keep Kylie in your prayers!!!

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