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Good News on Henry, from his dad:
Good morning my friends.
We got the latest biopsy results and Henry is cancer free!
In and of itself this is awesome news. And hopefully now they’ll be able to use the unrelated donor.
If they use the unrelated donor we should be headed to transplant on 11/26. As mentioned in previous updates, there was a question as to which donor they’ll use and it was pending the biopsy results. If there was any leukemia they would use Lorien’s stem cells. My meager understanding was that was because they could use specific cells from Lorien that would give him graph v. host to kill the remaining leukemia. Seems that is now moot. And a good thing because survival rates drop below 50% when they use a 50% matched parent or relative as the donor. More to come soon as we talk to the transplant team.
Preciate y’all.
(This came about 30 minutes later)
Just heard from transplant. They’re using the unrelated donor. We’re being admitted on 11/25, chemo to start on 11/26, transplant on 12/5.
Thank you, Prayer Warriors!

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