New Promotional Film

It’s been a very intense and crazy year for Donna and I, so far. Aside from things that come around as a new year rolls in, we are in the process of moving and, in December, we started our newest promotional film to help raise awareness for Spring Creek Ministries.

After several weeks of shooting and editing my boys (Ross and Jacob at Hamil Bros Studios) have finished and we are sharing it everywhere. In less than 48 hours, we’ve had over 1,500 views, which is incredible. We encourage everyone to share this video with anyone you think might be interested in supporting the ministry and thank you all for all the sharing you have done!


February Report

I don’t think I have expressed my feelings about our ministry, in a report, in a long time! I was driving home from the Waco area last week and I realized that this might be the hardest job I have ever done! But, I love bringing hope, happiness and even answers (from time to time) to those who are facing a long-term illness or are preparing for their final journey! I have been asked questions like – “Do you enjoy watching people hurt? Do you have some weird fascination with death? Does it make you feel important to be in the middle of stressful, heartbreaking situations?”

My answer to all of these is a resounding NO, but, “Loving your neighbor as yourself, comes in many different forms!” When I started this journey 6 years ago I just saw a need to reach out to folks who were sometimes forgotten by their own churches. I saw a need to reach out to those who have no church and sometimes little or no family support.

I have to admit – I do get excited when Donna & I sing to someone who has been non-responsive and their eyes open or they mouth the words to an old hymn. It makes me feel good when we are able to help a family make some sense out of the senseless. It makes me feel good to see a child’s eyes light up when we give them a soft fleece blanket or a handmade doll. I am convinced that I have been blessed far beyond anyone I have worked with! Sometimes I hate my job! Sometimes I have no idea what to do or say! But I have learned that God’s grace is sufficient and it’s always best to “Be still and know that HE is God!” So – as long as it is the Lord’s will and I have a passion for these people, I will continue!


I recently took a few days off to go fishing with a friend who always helps me recharge. (Thank you, Wade Cates!) We fished the Brazos River, near Waco. Afterwards, Wade went home and I made calls in the area. I was able to see lots of folks and was referred to some new people that we will be helping.

The first night of our trip, Wade and I stopped in Glen Rose, and spent the night with my cousin and her husband, Kay & Jay Nabors. They shared about a friend who was in his final days with cancer and we were able to pray with them. I won’t mention his name since I didn’t get permission. The Nabors were wonderful hosts and saved us the cost of lodging. (Thank you!) One day I drove over to Rockwall to meet Alex Kiker. Alex was recently diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. She is 11 years old and so sweet I wanted to bring her home!

Alex Kiker 2

Alex Kiker

After our visit I went across town to see R. C. Anderson. Rob is Donna’s cousin and a board member/officer for Spring Creek Ministries as well as a faithful contributor. Rob was recovering from hip replacement surgery and doing quite well. He is always such an encouragement to me.


Any time I’m in the Waco area I try to see Terry & Mary Ann Clements. They have been faithful supporters of Donna and I since our youth ministry years! On this last trip they made the use of their office and shop available to me. Lodging is one of our biggest expenses. The Clements’ offices are equipped with a small kitchen, bathroom and shower facility. I was tent camping to save on lodging when they offered the use of an empty office and anything else I might need while there. Since the weather turned cold this was a huge blessing. Note: They graciously offered a place in their home any time but I opted for the office so I could have some quiet time (I like to visit too much!). Not only did they take me out to eat, they also encouraged me and gave me a sense of family while away from home. What special people!

Terry Clements

Terry Clements








Please remember these:

Violet Walker passed away on January 23rd – she was a very special lady and friend! Pray for healing for her family.


Kalven Siders

Kalven Siders – On January 24th Kalven was taken to the hospital with some kind of infection around his belly button and stomach. He is much better now. Last Sunday he ran up to me and crawled up in my arms. He said, “Thanks for coming to the hospital to see me!” What a precious little boy!


Our daughter-in-law, Haley Hamil has Thyroid surgery last week. She is home and doing well. Please pray that they will get her medications adjusted quickly!


David Watkins

David Watkins has been a good friend and supporter of our ministry since it started. Dave had throat and tongue cancer several years ago. An after affect of the radiation was damage to the jawbone. On February 3rd David has his mandible removed then reconstructed with bone from his leg. This was a very complicated and difficult process. He is recovering and hopefully will be headed home from MD Anderson today if all goes well. Please pray for David and his wife, Laura, as they navigate this challenging time.


Kinsley Ellis

Kinsley Ellis

Kinsley Ellis – On December 10th Kinsley was brought from Andrews to Lubbock, by ambulance, with severe pneumonia. She is back home but since then she and her brother Karsen have had RSV. Both are better now!


Last week I was made aware of the Donegan family. Amy was recently diagnosed with Lymphoma. While tests were being ran they determined that she was pregnant with their 4th child. This has complicated an already serious situation. Please pray for Amy as well as her husband, Josh and the children!

Donegan Family

Donegan Family

New News:

Back in late December Troy Teague donated several “Cuddle Buddies” from VK Nagrani! Here are some pics of the children these handmade dolls were given to:


Troy Teague








We thank you for your continued support and would appreciate prayers for our 501(C)3 non-profit status to be approved quickly.


Blessings and Grace!




December 6, 2016 Report

The holiday season is in full swing! We have lots to share in this report. I want to thank each of you for how you have been a part of this ministry! This includes Prayer Warriors, volunteers, financial contributors and those who counsel. We could not continue to serve unless YOU were active in Spring Creek Ministries.

Giving Tuesday!!

lonnie-donnaFirst things first! “Giving Tuesday” was a great success! Giving Tuesday was established to counteract Black Friday and Cyber Monday. It’s an opportunity to give something back to the community. Folks are challenged to pick their favorite charity and contribute to it on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving. We are very fortunate that the Community Foundation of West Texas donates $10,000 that is used to match each charity’s contributions on a percentage basis. The more we raise, the higher the percentage we qualify for. Last year we raised something over $1000. This year we set a goal of $10,000. With lots of promotion and most of all, your help, we were able to raise over $11,300! Thank you and Praise God!!





On the road

I spent several days on the road last month. I was blessed to visit with Maxine Anderson in Glen Rose. Maxine lost her husband, Homer, earlier this year. I made a surprise visit to Mary Bankhead, also in Glen Rose. Mary was widowed several years ago. I knew Mary from Odessa. My sweet cousin, Kay Nabors and her husband, Jay, put me up for the night in Glen Rose. I met Crystal and Paul Burton for lunch. Crystal is my niece and has also helped support the ministry. From there I headed to Waco and was able to spend some quality time with Chais and Heidi Clements (ministry sponsors). Boston, their five year old son, is one of my favorite people in the world! I also got to meet the newest member of the family, 2 month old, Grayson.


I traveled to Marble Falls from Waco and got to meet Kevin Ludlum for the first time. Kevin was getting ready for a major cancer surgery. Since then, Kevin has had his surgery and it was very successful.



Naomi & Ena


Brian Rutherford Family

From there I headed to Austin. I spent the evening with the Brian Rutherford family. Ena (their 2 year old      daughter) was still recovering from her multiple snakebites.  But – had just started walking again the day  before! Brian was in my youth group at Sherwood back in the day. It was really good to catch up with Brian and  spend some time getting to know his wife, Shaela! Here is a picture of Ena and her older sister, Naomi, with  the handmade dolls we were able to give them! (Special thanks to Kevin McAlpin)




Rose McCleery

rose-mc My sweet friend, Rose McCleery, left this earth last October 31st. Rose suffered a stroke a couple of days ago. Rose was a very special lady. She loved people, she was a faithful friend, hard worker, dedicated wife, mother, grandmother and great grandmother. Her smile would light up a room. Her cooking would light up a smile. She was witty, fun loving and kind. She never met a stranger and she was a wonderful Christian example for all women. You always felt special after spending time with Rose. She was an angel long before she ever received her wings.




Jeannette Hamil


On November 1st, we got tests results showing my mom, Jeannette Hamil, had 3 cracks in her pelvis. She was having intolerable pain and had become non-ambulatory. Since then she has been with us in Lubbock. She is recovering very quickly, getting around much better and has been a pleasure to have in our home!




Family Tragedy

stone-kidsOn November 10th, my cousin, Michelle Stone and her three youngest children lost their lives. On November 15th I performed their memorial services in Amarillo. I didn’t know the children, Ricky (8), Audrianna (5) and Keagan (4). As I spoke with the family I fell in love with these kiddos. They were very special and loved deeply at their elementary school. Their eleven year-old sister, Alexis, spoke at both memorials and did an outstanding job! If I never have to experience anything like this again – it will be too soon! The only way I made it through this ordeal was by God’s grace and your prayers.







Liz & Isaac Ramos

Liz Ramos has been dealing with constant migraine headaches for quite some time. She was finally diagnosed with babisia microti,a tick-borne parasitic disease (similar to Lyme disease) that lives in the blood and causes all sorts of symptoms such as migraine headaches, dizziness, nausea, lack of appetite, random sweats, sleep disturbances, etc. We are so thankful that the doctors at Mayo Clinic we able to make a fast diagnosis and get her started on a recovery program.




Bob Barnhill continues to suffer with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) but has been doing better since his feeding tube was installed. Jana, his wife, continues to stand by his side and minister to him daily. Both Bob & Jana are a huge encouragement to me. They find the positive in every situation and bless many others with their love!

Ann McDonald’s hip replacement surgery went great. She is recovering at home now!

Prayer Requests

Our daughter-in-law, Haley Hamil, will have surgery this coming Thursday, to remove her thyroid. She has Hashimoto’s Syndrome and her thyroid has enlarged to the point that it is difficult to breathe.

Please continue to pray for all of the folks mentioned here as well those who prefer not to be mentioned. We also solicit your prayers as we continue to raise funds to be able to minister to more people.

Blessing & Grace,



September 26, 2016 Report

Finally, the cooler weather is visiting west Texas! The heat kept many of us indoors as much as possible. We hope you enjoyed your summer and are having a great school year!

Latrice Levens was diagnosed with two brain tumors. One, located in the front and one in the back. In August, the doctors removed the front tumor during a 5 hour surgery. Latrice was awake and talking and waving when Donna visited that afternoon. She continues to improve, but the other tumor is requiring radiation treatments.

Zadee Lopez is doing well and began pre-school a few weeks ago. To look at her sweet face you would never dream she has been so very ill. Her father posted a “First Day of School” photo on Facebook.img_0075

Two sisydney-dickersonxth grade girls were in a 4-wheeler accident last Sunday. Sidney Dickerson was killed and her friend, Madison Smith suffered a laceration on her leg. Please keep these girls, their families, friends, and teachers at Midland Christian School in your prayers.

img_0149Leta Faye Brewer suffered a serious stroke, but is now recovering in a rehab facility here in Lubbock. This picture is of her the first time she saw her new great grandchild!



Easton Lopez – was taken to the cardiologist and his heart is very strong, although he still has no brain activity. His family is still providing around the clock care for him. It has been one year since his tragic injury. He is almost 22 months old.

For those who are not on Facebook, two year old, Ena Rutherford was bitten by multiple poisonous snakes at a Wild Flower Park in the Austin area. Her left leg had several bites and there were different size bite marks. The snakes were not found, but the instantaneous reaction let the EMT’s know it was very serious. She was given 44 vials of anti-venom! The family allowed us to put information on Facebook and ask for prayers. The response was truly amazing! There are so many prayer warriors out there ready to respond to the call. There were 12,168 people reached. What a wonderful response! Ena is recovering well after surgeries to relieve pressure and then close up those places. A full recovery is expected. Thank you! Thank ena-snake-bitesyou!! Thank you!!!img_2947








Layla G. Whitehead, the aunt of Lane Anderson, succumbed to ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) on September 11, 2016. She lived in Stephenville, TX. Please remember Layla’s family at this time.

kevin-ludlamKevin Ludlum is a 47 year old who is battling a germ cell tumor that has engulfed his body from his neck to the base of his abdomen. He has been in Houston for treatment. This is the latest update from his wife, Connie:

“Day 18 update. Kevin got 2 units of blood last night and 6 units of platelets. He has also been getting a shot once a day in his belly called nuepagen that will help stimulate white cells. So, with all that assistance in mind, the white count is 0.3 up from 0.2 the hemoglobin is at 9.6 which is up from 8.5 and platelets are at 28 which is up from 14. Tomorrow will be a more true representation of numbers since he won’t be getting assistance from blood transfusion and platelet replacement. He will get the last shot Monday morning that will help white count increase. Pain is under control, which is always great. Due to all the blood and platelets Kevin has been getting the PICC lines are clogged so they have put de-clogging meds in both lines for the second time today and will come back to check them at 3 pm so if Kevin needs any fluids they will put an IV into his skin since the PICC isn’t working. Enjoy your Sunday! One day closer to the end. Fighting the Fight!”

Thank you for continued prayers!”

kaitlyn-lee-headed-homeKaitlyn Lee was able to go home from Cooks Children’s Hospital after having a brain bleed that could have been caused by a stroke, blood clot or aneurism, but thankfully the MRI revealed it did not cause further damage. Praise God for answered prayers! We tend to post about Kaitlyn and Kynadi only when they are having serious problems but I implore you to keep them in your prayers constantly. This sweet family deals with ongoing challenges every day. Their parents have to be on constant vigil because things can change in a moment. Their mother, Courtney Lee, is one of our HEROES because she loves deeply and takes care of all three of their children day in and day out! I have never heard her complain about the difficulty of their situation. She keeps a smile on her face as she works endlessly, in the background, doing things most of us never see. When things are calm they tend to be “out of sight – out of mind” to most of us. But, Courtney stands strong and considers her job as “mommy” to be an honor!

Donna and I had the opportunity to meet Martha Whitman and her daughter, Cassie Cates at Covenant Hospital last Thursday. Martha had recently had surgery and during that surgery, cancer was found. When we got there the room was full of family. What sweet people! Martha is hoping to be released today to return home to Hobbs, NM. Please add Martha and her family to your prayers. Cassie posted this to Facebook the same day:img_0173

“I just want to say thank you to Lonnie Hamil and his wife Donna for coming to see my mom in the hospital today. Complete strangers! They came in and visited, sang with us, and said a prayer for my mom. We are so thankful for your kindness! Come back and sing with us so we can record it! It was so moving…words cannot express.”

Giving Tuesday Lubbock

There is a nationwide fundraising day coming up called “Giving Tuesday”. It is the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday. It is an opportunity for anyone to donate to charities of their choice. We are enrolled as a charity in Lubbock. The Community Foundation of Lubbock has again offered to match a percentage of money donated. This is the second year they are dividing $10,000 among the charities, according to how much the charity raises through the “GIVING TUESDAY OF LUBBOCK” website. For Spring Creek Ministries, that means donations made to us will qualify for an extra amount from the Community Foundation of Lubbock.

If you go to the Giving Tuesday Lubbock website, you will see that our goal for this year is $10,000. That is ambitious, yet we are stepping out on faith. Going past our own abilities to raise money, we ask that you or others you may know who wish to make a charitable contribution use the chance to help this ministry.

You can give now and it will count toward Giving Tuesday 2016. The deadline is 11:59 p.m. on Tuesday, November 29, 2016. Here is the link: https://www.classy.org/fundraise?fcid=734284




Ministry Update August 3, 2016

The last couple of months have been very busy! At the end of our last report we posted that the ministry was in great need of more funds. Just last week we had a fund raising dinner to help the ministry. My sister-in-law, Alicia Rigney, offered to have a small dinner, to make more people aware of what Spring Creek Ministries does. As it turned out we had forty-four people in attendance! Please pray for open hearts as people make decisions on how to help. A huge THANK YOU to Alicia and everyone who helped make this dinner a success!

Sponsors for this dinner were as follows:

Hamil Bros Studios – Lubbock, TX

Broadway Church of Christ – Lubbock, TX

Dave’s Roofing, Siding & Metal Buildings – Wolfforth, TX

Updates from our last report:

On June 4th, after a long, hard battle, with his heart, Dennis Wolfe passed away. The family appreciates all the prayers that were sent up for him and his family. Please continue prayers of healing for his sweet family!

We also requested prayers for Danny Wren. The doctors have been struggling to keep his blood pressure under control. Danny had a small heart attack a few weeks ago. He is home now, but continue to deal with ups and downs with his blood pressure.

Judy Butler passed away on June 6th. Frank is adjusting pretty well but still needs our continued prayers!

Foy Westmoreland (86), father of Tracey Horne, has been moved to a nursing facility in Colorado City. He is taking dialysis three times a week. He has congestive heart failure along with renal failure.

Layla Whitehead, Stephenville, TX, has advanced ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease)

B.D. Berryhill, Odessa, had a stroke on June 20th. He was taken to the hospital immediately and the medicine they administered kept damage to a minimum. B.D. was at our ministry dinner and looked great!

10 year old, Levi Vermillion, fell from a tree during a family vacation and landed on his head. He was air lifted to Tucson, AZ but the damage was too extensive. His family removed life support the next day, July 11. His organs were donated so others could benefit from this tragedy.


Austin Reynolds, 23 years old, was injured Saturday afternoon, July 23, when he dove into the trinity river in Fort Worth . He is in surgery, as I write this report, to work on his 5-6 vertebras one is displaced and the other is cracked. He has no feeling below his waist.

Austin R


Spring Creek Ministries continues to reach out to those who are sick and dying. There is so much more that needs to be done, but finances do not allow.  There may be others that do what this ministry does but we have not found them. Please pray that we will secure the dollars needed to take this ministry to it’s full potential! Please share this ministry with anyone who might be willing to be a part of our team! For those of you who support this ministry financially and prayerfully, thank you for touching lives that you might not even know! What Spring Creek Ministries does is of vital importance you are a very big part of making it happen!

Blessings & Grace,







Ministry Update

Blessings to all of you! May started relatively calm then got very busy. We were very excited to finally meet four-year-old, Zadee Lopez! What an adorable little girl! To look at her you would not know she has brain cancer. Zadee is the third of four children. Rick, now a single dad, is a full-time parent who is an amazing caretaker and loving parent who struggles financially. Through Spring Creek Ministries we were able to give him $500.00 to assist him. Thank you to those who gave dedicate amounts for this. Rick was very grateful. This will help him to keep his car.

Becky Bock lost her mother to a very long battle with Alzheimer’s just a few weeks ago. Please remember Galen, Becky and all of the family in your prayers.

Our hearts are heavy with the passing of seven week old, Sayge Massie. No known cause of death at this time. Her parents, Shawn and Jena, along with her sisters, Gracelyn and Alise, are heartbroken and in need of your prayers in this difficult time. Sunday morning, we (Lonnie and Donna) were invited to speak to the bible class that Shawn and Jena attend at Broadway Church of Christ. We offered insight on what to say and what not to say to a grieving family. Their bible class is hurting along with the Massie family. We could tell the class is close and they will be a tremendous support to the Massie’s.

James “Sandy” Sanderson, the father of our friend, Brian Sanderson, passed away and his funeral is Tuesday May 24th. Our prayers and condolences to Brian, Mrs. Sanderson, and the family.

Cooper & Savana Erwin are both doing great. They have had no news on a transplant liver for Savana and are just waiting to get a call. Please pray that the transplant will become available soon!

Easton Lopez is the toddler that fell out of his crib several months ago. After several months in PICU he was taken home on a portable ventilator and feeding tube. Easton still continues to be unconscious but Mona, his mother, told me that they are still trying to wean him off of the ventilator. He has actually gone 30 minutes with out breathing assistance! Please continue to pray for the Lopez family as they adjust to their new “normal”.

AJ CucksayAJ Cucksey is a child that was diagnosed with several brain tumors a while back. His attitude has been unbelievable through all of his treatments. We are proud to announce that AJ has been chosen as Tennessee’s 2016-17 Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals Champion. AJ and his family will serve as spokespeople for East Tennessee Children’s Hospital and be advocates for charitable giving to children’s hospitals across the nation. Congratulations AJ!

Dennis Wolfe is a friend that has been waiting for a heart transplant for some time. In the last several weeks he has gone through a really tough time. He is currently on a ventilator and heart & lung machine. The doctors are saying that his improvements will come in tiny steps and he has a very long road to recovery. Also, because of his current status, he is no longer a qualified to receive a transplant. Please pray for positive changes!

Danny Wren suffered a stroke a few years ago and ever since has not been able to regulate his blood pressure. It is either very high or very low. This ongoing challenge has landed him in the hospital several times and causes tremendous amounts of frustration for him. His Lubbock doctors have not been able to figure out the problem. Please pray for him to be referred to someone else that can help.

Judy Butler is a sweet elderly lady that is currently in palliative care at Covenant Hospital in Lubbock. Please remember her and her husband, Frank, also!

Due to some commitments that have recently fallen through, our operating funds are very low. It has become a day-to-day challenge to cover costs for Spring Creek Ministries. Donna and I still feel that the Lord is calling us to serve in this capacity. We are soliciting your continued prayers as we daily put our faith in God. We know that He will provide if this is the direction He wants us to go. In the meantime I am doing some side jobs that the Lord has blessed us with. I am truly amazed, over and over, how the Lord works in our lives, if we allow Him too!


We love and thank God for all of you,




March Ministry Report

Blessings to you and your family! We hope Spring is bringing you a sense of renewal and freshness!

The process of applying for Non-Profit status is ongoing for Spring Creek Ministries. In the mean time, we are planning to attend training with Covenant Hospital on their policies and procedures. Many laws and issues have arisen in the last few years that have to be reviewed and applied to clergy and visiting clergy. It is difficult, in our society, to keep up with the changes!

We will continue to add people to our prayer list as requested, however, if they are in the hospital, there needs to be clear permission to do so.   Covenant considers it a breech if information is shared that was obtained with in the walls of a Covenant office, clinic or hospital. In order to protect privacy, we will have to be vague about some prayer requests. We hope you understand.

If information is already on social media we will ask the person or parent of the person if we may share their posts.

Now with that out of the way, we thank you for your ongoing prayers and support of sweet souls who are suffering. You are making a difference!

Zadee Lopez is at Cook’s Children’s Hospital for more tests. Her dad, Rick, posted this on Facebook: “Labs came back good. They canceled her bone marrow tomorrow because they have been coming back negative, which is great news. MIBG injection tomorrow and on Wednesday she gets a CT scan and MIBG scans. Thanks be to GOD!

zadee 1 zadee 2











Easton Lopez turned one year old. His parents and grandparents have assistance in taking care of Easton at home. Though he is on a ventilator, his breathing has improved and he is now being tested to see if he can be moved from a vent to a CPAP machine. That would be a welcomed improvement!

Carter Thetford

A newborn baby, Carter Thetford, has been in the hospital with the flu and pneumonia. His dad told us that Carter is responding to treatment and they are pleased with his improvement!









mama dot

Yesterday was the birthday of the late Mama Dot Wolfe. She was a vivacious and faithful Christian woman. She was the first woman to ever make Salad Cake for gatherings. Actually, it was a chocolate sheet cake, but if she called it “Salad” it had to be healthy, right??!!! She raised a precious family and they miss her everyday.
There is no easy way to let go of those we love.

Dennis Wolfe, Mama Dot’s son and Patti Musselman’s brother, is still undergoing tests for a heart pump and then a heart transplant.




JoanAn update on the Rigney family. After Joan (Donna’s mom) passed away our family received hundreds of cards, calls, emails, and texts.

There is no way to count the prayers lifted in our behalf. What a blessing each and every one has been to us. You have carried us through a heart breaking time and we love you dearly!







Lonnie had a very good report on his aneurysm! It is so small that the risk of doing surgery is greater than the risk of it growing. It hasn’t grown in 3 years and the neurologist told us he didn’t believe it would grow any more. We still need to be aware of any physical changes that would indicate a change. That was such a tremendous relief!

You may remember Giving Tuesday that occurred the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. We have signed up for that promotion again. Last year we really didn’t know what it was about, so this year we are getting busy and making the most of Giving Tuesday. It is a day when donations can be made online and in Lubbock, a percentage of the donations are matched! There will be more information available to you as we approach that time of year. Who can think of winter when the trees are budding and grass is turning green?!!


Grace and Peace to all of you!


Ministry Update & Report

Just last week we had our first Spring Creek Ministries Board Meeting! We had to have the board established before we could apply for our 501(c)3 non-profit status.

So – if you are a monthly contributor please CONTINUE to make checks payable to 6th & Jackson Church of Christ until we notify you. We still have to finish all the IRS forms and send them in for approval.

Our board consists of 5 people right now.

President – Lonnie Hamil

Vice President – R.C. Anderson – R.C. is a faithful Christian man, a financial Advisor for Edward Jones in Canton, TX. He is also a long time contributor to the ministry.

Secretary – Mark Musselman – Mark is a dear friend from college days that I had lost contact with. We were reunited when I had my small strokes about 4 years ago. Mark is also a financial Advisor for Edward Jones in the Crowley, TX area. He and his wife Patti have been faithful contributors to the ministry as well as wonderful Christian examples to our family.

Treasurer – Donna Hamil

Board Member – Cassie Johnston – We met Cassie about a year ago. Cassie is the Co-founder and Executive Director for Alstrom Angels (non-profit) here in Lubbock. Cassie has been very instrumental in helping and advising us as we moved the ministry into it’s own non-profit status. She was also largely responsible for organizing “Giving Tuesday” in the Lubbock area.

We are very pleased to have these folks on the board and are excited to see what God has in store for our future!

The last two months have been very busy for Donna & I. I finally decided to just lock myself in the office so I could get this report written and sent out.


This is a copy of a post I put out on Facebook in December:

I am amazed again by God’s blessings! I was at the chiropractor a few days ago and we were talking about this ministry. He asked me how many children we were currently working with and I started counting. As soon as I came up with a number he started texting someone. He told me to check back in a day and he would have dolls for every child. When I returned I was shocked to see VK NAGRANI dolls. Nagrani is world renown for his high end luxury designer clothing. The story behind the story is:
Together, with the Calderon Sisters of Lima, Peru, Nagrani works to help elevate the lives of young, single mothers and help reduce his luxury clothing business’ carbon footprint. Single mothers who are having a hard time finding regular work are hand making each of these very special dolls using all the left over fabrics from production. Each doll is signed by the artist who made it. The idea was not just about the money, but about elevating the human spirit. To be able to make each doll requires hours of work and a committed worker! These women are paid the full $65.00 that the dolls sell for in VK’s business. On “Giving Tuesday” this year, some very dedicated Texans purchased every doll available to donate to the cause! Now, we have been blessed to be able to share these with our younger patients! A very special “THANK YOU” to those who wish to remain anonymous!

Here are pictures of some of the kiddos who received the dolls:

This is Cooper & Savana Erwin. Cooper has

Spina Bifida and Savana has Biliary Atresia,

a rare liver disease that will require a transplant in the near future.


This is Kynadi & Parker Lee. Kynadi and her twin sister, Kaitlyn,(not shown) have Hydrocephalus.











This is Zadee Lopez. Zadee has cancer.












The other recipients of dolls are:

Kynadi Lee – Hydrocephalus

A.J. Cucksey – Brain tumor

Easton Lopez – Trauma brain injury (on life support)

Eden Lopez (Easton’s sister)


Honey cropped colorAs many of you know, we have had some family challenges the last two weeks. Donna’s mother, Joan Rigney, was in a car accident. The car accident led to surgery to remove blood clots in her head. After surgery Joan was not able to wake up or breathe on her own sufficiently. After nine days in this condition and the neurosurgeon explaining the damage to her brain, the family decided to remove life support. Our sweet “Honey” left this world to join the Heavenly Father about 10:15 AM on Thursday, January 28th.







Prayer List:

All of our kiddos from above

Randy Bell – 50s – Just had his right foot amputated (diabetes)

Leroy Lewis – 93 years old recovering from surgery to remove a tumor in his intestines

Trent Hawthorn – 20s – car accident, multiple bone fractures. His wife Lauren passed away in the accident.

Rosalee Burnet – passed away. Allen & Jackie Cason family

Ed Foster – passed away – Foster & Nichols family

Lauren Martin – ongoing health concerns and treatments

Bob Barnhill – ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease)

Bridgette Whitley – surgery to remove a tumor in her knee

Malori Maddox – recovering from surgery to correct a brain bleed

Kaleb Hockenberry – recovering from a gunshot wound to the neck.

Shamadrick Bills – recovering from six gunshot wounds to his torso and spine


We also solicit your prayers. With the drop in the oil industry and some other challenges, we have lost quite a bit of support. The positive side of this situation is that we have, once again, had to realize that God is in control and we are just his vessels to share HIM with those who are hurting.

Blessings & Grace,



Ministry Update & Report

IMG_1896I pray that your Thanksgiving Holiday was as wonderful as ours! For our first holiday living in Lubbock, it was a great success! All of our boys were able to be there, along with their wives, and children. My mother, Jeannette Hamil, joined us also!


Things have been pretty steady in the ministry. God is blessing us with more and more folks to work with. He is also opening doors to make us better known in the South Plains. We recently participated in a press conference for “Giving Tuesday” and my interview made the 6:00 PM news on KLBK. We are also down to the “nitty gritty” of writing bylaws for making Spring Creek it’s own 501 (c)(3) non-profit. I will be relieved when this process is over!

If you follow us on Facebook you will already know the folks we have been working with, but this is the latest news we have:

trentTrent & Lauren Hawthorne, a young married couple, was in a vehicle accident on their way to Lubbock for the holidays. We are deeply saddened to announce that Lauren passed away from internal injuries. Trent is in Covenant Hospital ICU with multiple fractures and lacerations. He is still in critical condition and will have to have multiple surgeries down the road.

Jace1Baby Jace Gonzalez passed away only an hour after birth. He had a condition called Trisomy 13, which in a chromosome disorder. He spent most of his precious time in the arms of his mother with dad and both brothers also there for him.


Zadee LopezZadee Gonzales is a 3 year old that has a neuroblastoma (brain tumor). She is still at Cooks Children’s Hospital in Ft Worth. Just a short time ago she was having a small procedure and crashed. She was resuscitated after 15 very intense minutes and her dad was told that her heart would not stand much more. Many of you joined in prayer with hundreds of others and I am happy to say that Zadee is now completely off of life support and recovering quickly. Her coming home was postponed by a blood pressure complication but she is cheerful and still improving.


Easton LopezEaston Lopez is a 3 year old that fell out of his crib over a month ago. He was non-responsive by the time paramedics arrived. We met his family just a day after the accident and have been working closely with them. He still remains in Covenant Pediatric ICU. He contracted pneumonia but has since recovered from that. The doctors are still calling him non-responsive but he has started to move his legs and arms a bit. He also gurgled a couple of time and has tried to open one eye! On Thanksgiving day Mom, Jacob, Reed, Julie, Donna & I went up to see Easton. We sang a couple of songs for the family then went into Easton’s room and sung “Jesus Loves Me” to him. There wasn’t a dry eye in the room. Later we found out that we had sung his favorite song!

David & LindseyLindsey Iten, diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer, is down to her last chemo treatment!




Please remember all of these in your prayers!

We are asked, often, “How do I make a difference when someone is losing a loved one or has just lost a loved one?”

I think this picture answers that very well!for next report


Blessings and grace to each of you and thank you for your continued prayers and support!



Ministry Report & Update

Greetings brothers and sisters! Things have begun to get very busy in the hub of the south plains!

To begin with, we are very pleased to announce two new partners to the ministry! We received this letter on October 8, 2015:

Dear Lonnie,

 Betenbough Homes was honored to review your Community Grant Application. Our team recognizes and applauds your efforts to minister to terminally ill people and their families.

 We feel that your organization is vital to the Lubbock community. We are thankful for all you do and are thrilled to partner with you this year. We have decided to fund your [request] in 2015, to help with costs associated with transportation and hospitality. Please find the check enclosed …

A BIG thank you to Betenbough Homes for helping us offset some of the contributions lost due to the downturn in the oilfield! We also want to thank Allison Smith, Regional Ministry Coordinator, for helping us make this dream a reality! We pray this that is the beginning of a relationship that will bless many lives in the future.

Our next partner is a couple that you have prayed for in the past, Joel & Lauren Martin. Lauren was diagnosed, some time ago, with May – Thurner Syndrome.



The effect of this illness makes it impossible for Lauren to work a full time job. Wanting to contribute to the Kingdom, Lauren started a project called Boo Boo Boxes. She seeks out terminally ill children, contacts their parents and finds out what specific likes the children have. Then she sets to work filling a box with toys, blankets and things she has crocheted for them. Different from other projects to raise money for medical costs and incidentals, her goal is to give these children a box full of things just for them, to bring a bit of joy in the midst of the pain, hospitals, treatments and such. In the past we have donated to her projects and seen great results. A couple of weeks ago I approached the Martins and asked if they would like to team up with Spring Creek Ministries. I felt like it would give their project more exposure and help to raise the funds (tax deductible) needed to reach more children. It will also benefit us because they will help us write cards, make visits (when Lauren’s health allows), and connect us to more families in need.

I asked Lauren to write a small part sharing her feelings about our new partnership and I also thought it would give you a chance to get to know them better.

“Hello Spring Creek family. First of all I would like to thank you all, so very much, for welcoming us into your family. I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am to work with Lonnie, Donna, and with Spring Creek Ministries. As someone who has spent more than her fair share of time in the hospital, I have an understanding and appreciation for what life is like for children who are struggling with terminal illnesses. It [has] occurred to me that they are always in the hospital, always in an uncomfortable hospital bed instead of their own, [and] always being poked and prodded by needles, IVs, and tubes. They don’t get to just be kids. My goal is to send boxes to as many of these kids as possible. Just boxes full of things that make them feel like kids again. Like happy, normal kids; if even for a day. I want them to have new toys to play with and new things to focus on besides the horrible monster of a disease they’re trying to overcome. Usually their parents will send me a picture or a video of them opening their boxes and looking through their new treasures and the smiles on their faces are so bright and so beautiful that you can truly see the “kid” in them again. It’s a smile you can’t explain. That is why I’m so excited to bring this project into Spring Creek Ministries! With your help I will be able to reach so many more children and, at the same time, I will be able to help Spring Creek in any way I can! I’m hoping to find children closer to Lubbock as well so that I can start visiting them in person to encourage and pray over them.
Finally, I know that you all have been praying for my husband and I for a couple of years now and I just want you to know how much we appreciate every single one of them! Please know those prayers have not gone unanswered because God has gotten me through some very rough and scary times in the past year and I certainly felt your love and prayers during those times! Thank you again for accepting us into your family! We can’t wait to see where this goes.
Many blessings to you all,
Lauren Martin”

Please join me in welcoming our two new partners!

Prayers needed:  Don Koonce passed away at his daughter’s home on October 10th after a tough battle with cancer. We had the privilege and honor to visit Don in the hospital, here in Lubbock, and sing to him. Please remember Carmen and the family.

David Perrin made his final journey home, after battling cancer, on October 12th. When we went by to visit David the first time Curtis Parrish was there visiting. Curtis added his beautiful bass voice to our singing along with David’s wife, Dawn, singing alto. It was a quartet made in heaven! Thanks to both of you! Please remember Dawn, the boys and family in your prayers.

tracy FTracy Faulkner lost her fight with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) on October 12th also. Her sister, Vicki Potts, heard us singing to David Perrin and asked us to come sing to Tracy. Not only did we get to sing but Curtis Parrish also gave her a preview of the “Voice of the Texas Tech Red Raiders” by sharing his opening announcement for the coming game. She lit up when she heard the popular voice! Please add Todd and the children to your prayers as they readjust to a new life.

TylerTyler Holdeman is down to one or two seizures a night, which is an improvement! please continue prayers that the medications will be regulated and his life will return to some normalcy.


FrankFrank Bills is a 15 year old that was shot 6 times in a drive by shooting in Lubbock. We have been honored to make visits, sing and take a soft fleece throw to Frank. He is in therapy now recovering from his ordeal.


Noteworthy: I have failed to mention in the past that One Hope Church of Midland, Texas provides our ministry with the most beautiful fleece blankets and throws. Laura Watkins delivered several of these to us a few weeks ago. It was inspiring to find out that the women who make these blankets pray over them before they ever come to us. They pray for the person who will receive the blanket before it ever finds a home! Thank you for blessing us, One Hope!

Leonard Ruebush is home after spending 22 days in the hospital recovering from a collapsed lung. Praise God!

david & LindseyLindsey Iten continues treatment for Inflammatory Breast Cancer.





Jayden Dennis
continues to recover from the loss of his hand in a work related accident. His attitude is great and he is re-learning how to do the things we all take for granted. Things like tying his shoes and putting on a belt!


News Update: We are now able to do bank drafts! If you are tired of mailing checks and spending postage every month please contact me and we will get you set up.


I pray that each of you are doing well and receiving God’s blessings daily!

For the Kingdom,

Lonnie Hamil


Ministry Report – September 2015

Another summer has flown by! Personally, I am ready for some cooler weather and the change into autumn. Social media sites are buzzing with the thrill of school. Those updates are fun to follow. But one of the greatest joys in social media is the opportunity to pray for others.

Lindsey and David Iten are Youth Ministry friends of ours from days when we were in youth ministry. Lindsey has been recently diagnosed with Inflammatory Breast Cancer. It is rare and aggressive. Lindsey requested prayers on Facebook and allowed us to add her to the Spring Creek Ministry prayer list. She, David, and their little boy, Colton, are precious people who covet our prayers. They live in Moore, Oklahoma and are near excellent health care. She began chemo a couple of weeks ago.

A teenage boy from Odessa, Jayden Dennis was in a farming accident and severed his hand 80% of the way. He was airlifted to Lubbock and had immediate surgery to restore his hand. It appeared that he was on the road to recovery but things took a turn for the worse. Jayden made the decision to have the hand amputated.  There will be more surgeries, fitting for prosthesis and lots of physical therapy. He and his family are grateful for the prayers and ask that we keep them coming.

Please keep Jennifer Wright and her family in your prayers. She lost her father, very unexpectedly, a few weeks ago. Please pray for healing for the Charles Williams family!

Another update from Joanne Boyce about her mother, Maryann Brochetti: My mom starts the three drug chemo tomorrow. She’s quite weak as she can’t eat much, so great concern for what this poison will do to her body. Please keep her in your prayers!”

Last Monday I had the privilege of visiting with Betty Lilly for a short time. Betty is in hospice care at Medical Center Hospital in Odessa. Please remember her and the family as they navigate through this difficult time.

I haven’t posted an update on Lauren Martin in a while. She posted this, a few days ago, on Facebook and gave me permission to copy it here:

(Lauren) “Please say a little prayer for me if you have a chance. I’m having worst pain today than I’ve had since before my surgery last summer I don’t know what caused it. I was at the Rheumatologist and while I was sitting in that hard chair for 3 hours, something just suddenly felt like it pinched and started killing me!! I also got officially diagnosed with Psoriatic arthritis today and they want me to start taking TNF inhibitors, which are very strong drugs that wipe out your immune system and can make you very susceptible to infections and viruses and such. I’m glad to have a diagnosis but I could definitely use the prayers as I go through the trial period of these shots. Anyway, I’m praying my leg pain is temporary and subsides soon!! Thanks for your prayers!! And God bless you all”

Kynadi Lee has been fitted for a special walker. She has been so excited that they can hardly get her to do anything else. The walker has allowed her a newfound freedom and has given, much needed, relief to her mom, Courtney. Praise God for this improvement!

As school continues and the excitement of new beginnings, new faces, and new adventures fills the air, we hope you join us in prayer for those who are facing a new “normal”. The diagnosis of a dreaded disease, the loss of a parent who always took care of the school stuff, the child that is gone and leaves an empty place at the table are situations that most of us won’t be dealing with.

Blessings and Grace,

Lonnie & Donna Hamil



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