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Chris Aduddell 12 17 21
Chris has been a long-time friend and has been in the hospital fighting pneumonia. We received this update from his wife, Jamie, yesterday evening:
“Thursday Update, Day 17:
The doctor just said that his X-ray from this morning shows the viral pneumonia in his lungs is worse than it was 2 days ago. They are giving him steroids to treat the inflammation, but there is nothing else they can do to combat the pneumonia. They did say this happens with covid and that it typically happens between days 7-10 on the vent. The nurse said he is now the most critical he has been but that this can still be turned around. God, please turn it around.
I just spoke to his RT and he said, “He was a fighter before the vent, and he is still fighting now.” 
Chris needs prayers at this very moment.
Please pray for complete and quick, miraculous healing of his body and lungs especially, in the name of Jesus. Please.”

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