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Robert Blackburn 4 15b
Update from Robert Blackburn:
Back home for a few days till the swelling goes down. I appreciate everyone’s support, couldn’t do it without y’all. 
I had an arrow snapback while fishing last night and popped my right eye. Had to make a 3 mile drive back to the closest boat ramp and wait on ems then was moved to a field where life flight carried me to a trauma center in Kyle.  I’ve had one surgery so far. Have/had a blood clot behind my eye. Retina and lense were destroyed. Not too sure about anything else as I can’t remember what the surgeons said.
Line tied a knot on my bowstring some how. Safety slides and safety glasses would’ve prevented me loosing my eye. It’s not worth the risk guys rather be a goofball with 2 eyes… 
I owe a big shoutout to my family especially Crystal Blackburn Tillman for taking care of me as well as Brett Bailey Dustin Cole and Morgan Reising for driving across Texas to retrieve my bow. Means the world to have everyone’s support. Y’all rock. ❤
Thanks you, prayer warriors! Keep it up!

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