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From Destiny (Jack’s Mother):
“Jack has continued to thrive. If he does well at his follow up appointment tomorrow, doesn’t run a fever, and continues to move closer to 100%, I can get back to work and finish out the semester “strong”. 
Prayer requests:
I want my boy to continue getting well… I don’t want him (or us) to be contagious anymore… I don’t want to be responsible for giving this ugly virus to anybody… 
My anxiety has been paralyzing… from being farther away than two feet from Jack, to not knowing when I can get back to work, to missing my students first music performance, to not knowing if I get a check this month (or like… ever, since I’ve missed so much) and 100 other things… I’m so anxious… I try to give it all to God, but this is weighing me down worse than ever before. 
Praise: my big girl finally got to play with her brother again. They were both so happy to see each other. So many smiles warmed my momma heart.”

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