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From Jody O’Briant:

Good afternoon friends and family. The Lord  has blessed us over this last little break but there have definitely been some trying things as well. Thank you for praying and walking with us.
As many already know Jasper has a non displaced fracture in his sacral bone. This happened last Saturday evening. We are now back in Lubbock as of Tuesday evening. Chemotherapy was scheduled for Wednesday but when he was evaluated his heart rate was elevated, his O2 says were low, he had some swelling in at least one lymph node, and his color wasn’t great. They ran a battery of tests and decided to put off chemo for at least 24 maybe even 48 hours. Jasper was also found to be neutropenic and was low on hemoglobin. He was given a transfusion and the other tests were all found to be negative. Praise God after the first 24 hours he is feeling more like himself. There is definitely “Power in the Blood.” 
The decision was made this morning, about 40 hours after initial tests, that he was able to stand up to the next round of chemo. We began this afternoon about 2:00pm. He has four treatments left after this one. Some will be inpatient and others outpatient.
Please continue to seek The Lord for and with us:
1. Thankfulness is always at the top of our list. Please praise the Lord with us for the gifts He has so richly given. You’ve been praying for Helen McNeese and she has been declared cancer free! Praise God! You’ve been praying for Ian Ortega. He is home and doing well. Jasper’s fracture is not as bad as it could have been. All of these things deserve praise to The King!
2. Please continue to pray that we would keep our eyes on the Lord. It’s so easy to look at our circumstances for happiness. Pray that our joy would only be found in Him.
3. As these treatments slowly draw to an end please pray that we would not grow weary. 
4. Please pray the treatments will continue to do their job and seek out any remaining cancer and destroy it.
5. Please pray that the Physical Therapy will work wonders and Jasper will get much more strength and use of his arm and now his leg.
6. Please pray for his fracture to heal in a timely manner.
7. Pray for Vicki Smith and her family. 
We love you and are thankful for how you pray with us. Jesus is King!

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