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From Jody:
Good morning friends and family. The Lord blessed greatly over this last break. Thank you for being a part of that blessing.
We are back in Lubbock this morning for chemotherapy and we can’t thank you enough for the prayers and support you have shown. 
During our last two weeks we were blessed with all of us attending church together, a camp out in the backyard, a borrowed motorcycle trike, and a ton of bracelets made. All of these gifts made the time pass quickly and helped life feel a little more normal for all of us. Thank you.
Jasper started physical therapy for his arm. His movement and range of motion are both growing. We had one visit to the ER during the break but thankfully it was nothing major. With his compromised immune system we need to be very careful. All in all he felt pretty good during the break.
This treatment is the beginning of eight treatments left until chemo is complete. We feel like we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. We haven’t talked much about the end of treatment but we’ve been looking forward to it for months. 
Please continue to seek The Lord for and with us:
      1. Thankfulness is always at the top of our list. Please praise the Lord with us for the gifts He has so richly given. 
 2. Please continue to pray that we would keep our eyes on the Lord. It’s so easy to look at our circumstances for happiness. Pray that our joy would only be found in Him.
 3. As these treatments slowly draw to an end please pray that we would not grow weary. 
 4. Please pray the treatments will continue to do their job and seek out any remaining cancer and destroy it.
 5. Please pray that the Physical Therapy will work wonders and Jasper will get much more strength and use of his arm.
 6. We have many friends that are hurting. Pray for the McNeese, Ortega, Melancon, and Pruett families. God knows.       
We love you and are grateful that you keep up and pray with us. Jesus is King!

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