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From Jody

“Good morning friends.

Thank you once again for your ongoing care and prayers for Jasper and the rest of our family. We’ve been home for the last two weeks. Many have reached out and asked for updates. We have written very little because we were enjoying time together. 
Jasper was discharged from the hospital on the 21st of February. That treatment was particularly difficult. In fact the Monday after discharge we spent seven hours in the ER because he was dangerously dehydrated. After they rehydrated him he felt great. He literally wanted an Alsups burrito(if you know, you know). So we drove to idalou to get one. Our dr wanted us to stay in town just in case there were any more issues but by Wednesday we were able to return to Jal. 
These last two weeks at home have been a blessing. Jasper was even able to attend youth group. Physically distanced of course. 
We came back to Lubbock last week for a check up and jasper had become neutropenic. His white blood cell counts were very low. We in turn had to keep him away from others so he doesn’t get sick until his numbers were back up.
Today we are back in Lubbock for his next chemotherapy treatment. He is an amazingly strong young man but this journey is a very difficult one. We have been so blessed through hard times. Many people have prayed, loved, provided, checked on and generally cared for us. This is a marathon and we thank you for walking it with us.
Our prayer needs remain constant but shifting from week to week. Please pray this direction:
  1. I can’t imagine those who walk through this without Christ. Please pray that others will see Him through us and that we would remain thankful that He walks with us.
  2. Jasper is strong but these things are heavy. Please pray for a deepening faith for us all. Trust is built through difficulty. Pray that we would remain faithful as Christ proves His Faithfulness.
  3. Please pray that chemo finds any left over cancer cells and destroys them. We believe most, if not all, of the cancer was in the tumor that has now been removed. There is a possibility that some cells were left behind. If any are left please pray that they are eradicated.
  4. Lift up our doctors and nurses. They put in many long hours through an unimaginable year. Pray for their wisdom, rest, and peace as they serve us and many others.
  5. We have many in our church family that are hurting right now. If you could pray for Baby Ian as he gets ready for surgery and for Helen Mcneese as they try to treat her cancer. This would be a blessing to us. Pray for their families as well.
We will never be able to repay the many acts of kindness you have shown. If we can pray for you in anyway please let us know. We love you.
Jesus is King!”

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