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Jasper 12 01 20

From Jody:

Good morning brothers and sisters. What a continuous blessing you are to us.
Jasper is beginning another dose of chemotherapy this morning. They tell us this medicine is not as harsh. We are expecting to stay in the hospital until at least Saturday in order for them to monitor the drugs leaving his system. This is his first time for this specific treatment. He has been feeling pretty good and it looks as if the swelling has been reduced to just the tumor. We can’t tell you how much your support means but we can say our lives have been enriched by your prayers and the love that has been extended to us. 
Prayer needs:
1. Thankfulness to our Lord God and Savior Jesus Christ is always at the top of our list. We know this road is not an easy one but it would be impossible without His Grace. 
2. Pray that there are no negative reactions to this treatment. Since this is the first time we are not sure how he will respond.
3. Please always keep Jasper’s spiritual, mental, and physical strength in your prayers. He is 14. I’m not sure I could show his kind of strength even at 43. 
4. We are working on some housing possibilities in Lubbock that would be a much better solution for us as the months go on. Please pray for wisdom as God opens and shuts doors.
5. Please pray for all those around us that are dealing with COVID. We have many brothers and sisters from church as well as others who are walking a hard road as well. Don’t forget those around you who need a phone call or a bowl of soup. Love as Christ loves, sacrificially.
Thank you for caring enough to read this far. Please don’t just look for updates but carry these things to the King. 
Jesus is King.

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