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From Jodi

“Good morning friends,
Our last fourteen plus days have been filled with many highs and lows. Thank you for keeping us constantly lifted up to the King. Jasper was in the hospital for two solid weeks waiting on numbers to be just right to go home. I, Jody, had emergency Gallbladder surgery Sunday a week ago. Elizabeth, our other boys, Amanda, my mom and dad, and many, many others have been filling in the gaps so life around us could continue as normal as possible. We were blessed by our doctor to move back the beginning of the second round of chemo till today because Jasper had to stay in the hospital for so long. In turn we were all able to be at home for Christmas. What a wonderful gift it was to unexpectedly be together. We are so blessed by you walking with us during this bit of rough road.

So, moving forward, that second round of chemotherapy starts today. We are grateful for the continuing way you have prayed for these needs that are much higher than we are able to bear. We believe in the power of prayer when brought before the only One who listens and answers. We come before you again asking that you pray:
1 please pray often for jasper especially over these next three days.  This medication is difficult to tolerate and control the harsh side effects. 
2 please lift up his sweet momma. She is truly a gift to him that he appreciates. She is an amazing encouragement but just as anyone we all get tired. Pray for strength, peace, and rest.
3 I’m still healing and feel pretty good but please pray that I will continue to heal so I can be what I need to be for our family and others. 
4 As we go about our lives we often forget about the hurting around us. Ask God to open all of our eyes and hearts to their needs, so that we might be able to share Christ and His blessings.”

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