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From Jody:

“ Well prayer partners, thank you so much for this last week of prayer.
It was not simple or easy but with God’s grace and your prayers we are home.  Jasper’s pain and nausea are being well controlled. We have been blessed with many people checking on and helping in so many ways. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Prayer needs:
1. We have so much to celebrate and be thankful about. Being home, pain being mostly controlled as the tumor begins to die, nausea being well controlled, amazing caring drs and nurses, Jasper is literally sitting on our couch playing a video game! We are just starting but we are so very grateful for your prayers. The Lord has been good to us!
2. Keeping infection down. This is a major concern after chemotherapy. Definite prayer need.
3. Rest for healing.
4. So many around with COVID and being affected by it. Please lift those up
5. Our 4 year old neighbor in the hospital named Hunter. He has leukemia and they have a road in front of them. His mama was stocking the fridge last night in the nutrition room. They were blessing others in the middle of their difficulties. I told them I’d pray and I’m asking you to join me. Hunter has a twin sister named Ella. It’s truly hard on her as well.
6. Our sweet Australian Shepard, Rocky, passed away while we were in the hospital this week. We have wonderful friends that were looking after our animals and they do a great job. They were just as heartbroken as we were.
Please lift up Gabriel as Rocky was his.
Thank you so much!
Jesus is King”

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