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Daniel Rydell 7 31 21

“Daniel Update.. 7/30/21… 5:15 pm

When I got to the hospital at noon, I noticed his room was quiet. Very quiet. The doctor spotted me right as I walked in and followed me in to his room to tell me the best news I could have ever heard today and was not expecting at all! About 10:00 this morning, they took Daniel off of the Oscillator ventilator and put him on a normal vent… this is a HUGE step down! 👏🏻 He is maintaining well and they are able to get secretions out of his lungs 🙌🏻 I left for a bit so they could turn him to his back again and they will wake him up, just enough, for him to cough on his own so he can break up secretions as well!

On top of that, because of all of you and your donations yesterday, I just checked in to a hotel for tonight and tomorrow night for sure! To be able to sleep comfortably and escape the hospital room, for just a little bit, is the best feeling in all of the world!!!

Continued prayer for:
•His lungs to heal completely.
•Toleration of weaning the vent so he can be extubated.
•CO2 numbers are down in the 30s and that they stay there.
• His Oxygen sats stay exactly where they are supposed to stay!

Today was HUGE for my boy and I, in no way, expected it to happen today! THANK YOU for your love, support and prayers! They are felt more than you will ever know! ❤️❤️❤️”

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