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Update on Anonymous:
“Lonnie, apologies in advance for texting so late in the evening, but wanted to bring you up to date:  Anonymous was discharged from MCH-Dallas late yesterday morning.  I have driven her back home and prayerfully remain confident in her very slow path to full recovery.  She remains extremely weak and fragile, but is generally alert and conscious of her surroundings.  Appetite has been pretty good and has not exhibited any gastrointestinal issues.  Her temperature has been normal, blood O2 running 97-98% consistently with heart rate at a much improved 68-72 bpm.  As stated previously, she is cognitively alert, but slightly “foggy”.  I read and gather this is a common malady in the recovery period.  Giving thanks and all glory to GOD for his omnipotent powers as the Great Healer. 🙏 🥲 So happy to have her safely home to care for and see to her continued recovery!  Praise GOD. Amen and Amen!!”
Prayer Warriors,
Once again, thank you! This is miles above what could have happened! 
Blessings and grace,

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