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Alex Kiker 11 19 20

From Brandi, Alexis’s mom:

“Thank you to everybody that has continued to reach out and ask and pray for Alex.  Sorry, we haven’t been better about updating.  We have had three appointments since our last post, but not much to report. We saw a Rheumatologist that was just as stumped as the rest of us with all of Alex’s lumps.  She was wonderful and very thorough.  She ruled out any autoimmune and genetic causes of the enlarged lymph nodes.  I think she tested for over 400 genetic disorders.  We have seen the Oncologist twice now back in Dallas.  He agreed that Alex was “very lumpy” and wants to see her monthly, for now.  We had a follow-up again today and she has two new enlarged lymph nodes under the chin, replacing the ones that were removed in Houston.  We will get an ultrasound of these two new ones in the next couple of weeks. He wasn’t ready to image the other ones under her arm and neck that were seen on PET/CT just yet.  One lump/visit at a time, I guess. We are counting our blessings that she was the healthiest child he saw today and will update when/if we get answers. Thanks again!
Keeping those prayers going!

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