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Tiffany Fulbright
One year ago today I rushed to San Antonio to see Tiffany before life support was removed. When I walked in her mother told me she wasn’t responding any longer. I held her hand and put the other hand on her forehead. Lisa told her I was there and she opened her eyes and smiled at me! 
We had almost half a year with Tiffany and her cystic fibrosis.
It started in Lubbock, then moved to Dallas and ultimately to San Antonio. It was a very emotional time. Before she was put on the ventilator we spoke at length about quality verses quantity of life. She knew we were there to support her with whatever decision she made. I loved that we were able to speak so openly. There was no doubt that this young lady wanted to do everything possible to get well enough for a lung transplant and to be able to watch her little boy grow up. Toward the end, when the transplant option was off the table, she decided to donate any part of her body that could be used to help others! 
When the time came, I was honored to be able to walk by her bedside and family as we walked the hall of honor. Employees from the hospital lined the halls in honor and reverence of her decision to donate life to others! With eyes full of tears I said a final prayer over Tiff and her family. 
This young lady touched our hearts like few others! Breathe deep and Rest In Peace precious lady! 

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