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Update earlier today:
Chris was holding well. They moved his vent support to 85%, down from 95%.  His fluid output had increased. All other numbers were about the same. The nurse moved him very gently and just barely to reposition him, and he started quickly desatting.
They bagged him for at least 9 minutes. The Pulmonologist and others came in and believe he has a pneumothorax – right lung and possibly left.
They’re putting in a chest tube now to release the air that may have escaped into his lung cavity through a hole in his lung. It should take 30 minutes.
Please keep praying. Please ask anyone who will pray. Thank you so much♥️
2nd update a bit later:
 His new pulmonologist is Dr. Test, very kind and everyone says he’s a top pulmonologist. Also, his name tag is attached to a Captain America shield, so I feel good about him. 😄 He just came in and said he thinks just the right lung collapsed, but they put both tubes in just in case. They are ordering an X-ray now. They want to make sure he doesn’t have fluid around his heart. His O2 is back into the 90s. Hopefully I’ll get to be with him soon.
Thank you for continuing to pray for my Chris!
Latest update:
X-ray shows that the tubes are in place, and he’s satting between 96-99%.
Still waiting on the results of the echo, but he’s at the top of the list.
His nurse said that there are a lot of people who haven’t made it as far as Chris has. He’s fighting every second and has fought all the way back to 96% saturation. The color is back in his face, and he looks so peaceful!❤️
Prayers are being heard and the family is feeling them also! Keep it up folks and thank you from the bottom of my heart!

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