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Cameron OBriant

Cameron and his family have been long-time friends to our son, Reed, and his wife, Julie.

Cameron posted this on Facebook (be sure to read to the end):

“Last Tuesday I was diagnosed with cancer. I had been feeling pain for about a month and finally did a self examination and found a lump. I went to my Doc and she told me she thought it could be a bacterial thing so she gave me antibiotics as well as an ultrasound just to be sure. The ultrasound came back and showed two masses that my urologist confirmed as cancer the next day. Last Wednesday I had the surgery to get it removed and was home healing the rest of the week.

Tomorrow I go in for a Cat Scan so we can see what stage it is and talk about the best treatments from here on out. Chemo will be involved but the scan will determine how much is needed.

I’m sharing this for two reasons. 
1) I would really appreciate your prayers during this and
2) we need to get rid of any stigma around the subject. Guys. If something feels off get it checked. Get. It. Checked.

Please, join us in lifting Cameron up in prayer.

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